Armadillo Recipes

It is familiar that the armadillo is not fit to eat as food. People consider it taboo food. Surprisingly armadillo is a fantastic food for those who love eating new and delicious dishes. Nobody will deny eating pork because it is delectable and favorite food for many of you. In the same way, you should like armadillo because it tastes like pig meat. Moreover, catching armadillo is an effortless task. The weaker eyesight of armadillos makes them prey to people who for fun and meat look for them. Many people love to catch armadillo and enjoy their meat.

Myth about Armadillo 

People held notions that armadillo causes leprosy. It is a false claim. No medical evidence is present that eating armadillo will spread diseases. The armadillo is rich with fats. It offers almost 700-1200 calories. Thus, a slice of armadillo meat can provide you with enough calories that you may not need to eat other food for the day. 

Clean and Butcher Armadillo 

Armadillo is a convenient food item. It has a shell that you can easily remove. Thus, cooking armadillo is not a big deal. To make the process smooth, you should gut and clean the carcass. The animal has a hairy body. To remove hair, light the fire and hang it over the flames. In a minute, you can remove the hair of the animal. Finally, wash it in warm water to remove everything that might cause harm to you. 

Armadillo Flavors 

You can use armadillo flesh to give it any taste. The vegetarians will like it to feel like cabbage and potatoes. In the same way, those lovers of pork will retain the natural character of the animal. Hence, anyone can eat meat according to their tastes. The ingredients that you need to cook armadillo consists of half cup of oil, vinegar, salt, chilies, and vegetables. You can barbecue, roast, or simply make a traditional broth from armadillo meat. 

Armadillo Recipe 

When armadillo meat is properly washed, you need to put in an oven and pour half cup oil. Brown the meat at a steady temperature for 15-20 minutes. You can add all ingredients at a time after the meat has turned brown. Keep oven covered and cook chicken for 1-2 hours. You can ready your table once beef becomes tender. It is an appetizing dish. 

Armadillo Barbecue 

Barbecue is the choice of the modern generation. If you want a new kind of dish, then rely on an armadillo. It will give you a unique and pleasing taste. Add little bit heavy spices to make more out of armadillo barbecue. 

In short, armadillo serves as a delectable dish. It offers a lot of calories. You have many options to cook armadillo the way you want. Furthermore, catching armadillo is super easy. You can comfortably take hold of it during nighttime. The animal has weak eyesight. In addition to this, its body is covered with shells. You can effortlessly remove shells and wash them in hot water. Armadillo is a healthy food item. It is rich in fats and calories. 

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